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Pregnancy is an exciting time in your life whether it is your first pregnancy or your fifth. Since the months and weeks of pregnancy start at your last menstruation, women can't know when they are one week pregnant because they haven't conceived yet! If you are trying to get pregnant, it is a good idea to develop healthy pregnancy habits, such as taking a prenatal vitamin, eating healthily, and getting regular exercise. In week nine of pregnancy, the embryo officially becomes a fetus and weighs approximately one gram.
The start of the fourth month is also the start of the second trimester, which is considered the easiest trimester by many pregnant women. The sixth month actually signals the halfway mark in pregnancy; at the start of the 21st week, you are halfway to the 40-week mark.

In week 33, many pregnant women will experience increasing Braxton Hicks contractions, pelvic pressure, and difficulty sleeping.
In week 34, your baby has a basic immune system, and may have turned head-first to prepare for his trip through the birth canal. While forty weeks is the official length of pregnancy, your baby won't be considered overdue until week 42. In order to keep a weekly record of your pregnancy alongside a source of tips and medical information, try a printed calendar, such as the Expecting a Miracle Pregnancy Calendar or the Waiting for You Pregnancy and Birth Reflective Calendar Journal. One of the best ways to stay current on those special forty weeks between conception and birth, is to follow along with a pregnancy calendar, either online or with a printed calendar. Some pregnancy tests can detect conception before your next scheduled period, but women who are not actively trying to get pregnant may not take a pregnancy test until they are a week or two late, at which point they are already five or six weeks pregnant.

Most of the early pregnancy symptoms have worn off before this trimester starts, and the fatigue and heaviness of the end of pregnancy are not yet upon you. In week 25, your uterus will have expanded to be the size of a soccer ball, a significant increase from it's normal size. Despite how much your uterus has expanded, in week 29 the baby will most likely make fewer large movements because there is simply no more room to do so.
All of these may lead to a feeling of readiness for the delivery, but you're still a few weeks away.

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