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From the initial decision to become pregnant, through the journey of pregnancy and into post-natal care, the team at the North Shore Wellness Centre are here to help. As a multidisciplinary clinic, our diversity of practitioners can support you through every stage of your pregnancy and beyond. Massage Therapy has been used for many years to improve overall wellness, reduce stress, and relieve muscle tension through pregnancy. By using the expertise of a Naturopathic Physician, you can ensure a healthy pregnancy, labour and birth.

Acupuncture is complementary care that has many benefits for pregnant women and the best part is there are very few, if any, side effects.
Your body experiences many changes throughout your pregnancy and our practitioners are here to assist with questions ranging from health and nutrition, through the aches and pains and into the final stages of pregnancy and your preparation for labour. Naturopathic Doctors work in partnership with family doctors, midwives and obstetricians to provide individualised care and prepare your body for pregnancy and childbirth.
The North Shore Wellness Centre takes a holistic approach to health and wellness, an approach that is key when it comes to all the stages of pregnancy.

Potential benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include, maintaining a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy, controlling symptoms of nausea, reducing the time of labour and delivery, relieving back, neck and joint pain and assist in improving balance and alignment in your spine and pelvis which can help your baby assume optimal birthing position. Our massage and chiropractic tables come equipped with pregnancy pillows so that you can enjoy your treatment in comfort.

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