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What a pregnant woman eats in the first few days after conceiving could have an important impact on the health of her child, according to a report in New Scientist magazine  Wednesday.
The importance of proper nutrition before and during pregnancy has been well documented for a long time. A lesser known fact is that the your generic pregnancy vitamins are not adequate, most are imbalanced, and many are harmful due to significantly high amounts of iron (ferrous sulphate), and other inorganic and poorly bioavailable sources of vitamins and minerals.
If you have problems with hemorrhaging, you might want to consider taking a low dose of vitamin K at the end of your pregnancy. The foods you eat during pregnancy may get your baby familiar with certain flavors even before his first taste of solid food. Hot dogs and sausages are OK to eat during pregnancy, as long as they are cooked and steaming hot.

If you're pregnant and eat a vegan diet, you should talk to your doctor about taking supplements. It has been shown that adequate intake of nutrients can prevent birth defects, result in a healthier baby and mother, and also an easier pregnancy and birth.
Pregnant women are 13 times more likely to contract listeriosis, which can be harmful, even life-threatening, to a pregnant woman and her baby. But there's not enough research on drinking them during pregnancy to say that they're totally safe.
But it works only if you take it before you get pregnant and in the first few weeks of your pregnancy.
The modern day pregnancy pill can lead to morning sickness (due to large doses of toxic iron ferrous sulphate) and miscarriage.

In another study, babies were less likely to make "I don't like it!" faces when they first tried carrots if their mothers drank a lot of carrot juice during pregnancy.
So the CDC recommends pregnant women take at least 30 mg of an iron supplement beginning at their first prenatal visit. Pregnant women are more vulnerable to infections, so they are at a much higher risk from these bacteria.

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