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Now, I do count myself blessed that I quickly lost my baby weight plus more but some women find that the weight wants to stick around and it is much harder than initially thought to shake it. Remember that for the best results getting in 30 minutes 5 times a week is the best for losing baby weight so on days you are not doing an exact workout, try getting out and walking with your new baby, even if it has to be indoors at the mall.
Obviously, I can only really scratch the surface here as to what a good workout and plan is for losing weight after pregnancy but there are some great resources out there for losing weight.

I am not saying to throw aside all rest as it is one of the three components to weight loss alongside diet and exercise, so try to get as good a nights rest as you can. So far I have only lost my baby weight plus an additional 15lbs and am desperately working for more.

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