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By ChelseaJan 31 0No matter which side of the abortion debate you fall on it is important that every woman know and understands their options and receive the care that they deserve. For 13 years Pregnancy Care Center has worked to significantly reduce red flags in our community.
Pregnancy Care Center has been impacting lives in our community for years and there are plenty of ways you can help them.
Pregnancy Care Center in Springfield, MO has spent 13 years to better the lives of young people by collaborating with other organizations in the Ozarks to educate and provide the support needed while they are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Their Mission: Providing health, wellness, and relationship education for young people facing an unplanned pregnancy, and presenting healthy relationship education in local schools to equip teens to make positive choices. If you are interested in volunteering for Pregnancy Care Center then contact Terry Malesky, the volunteer coordinator, at 417-877-0800 ext.

A thief hit the Pregnancy Care Center Monday and walked off with $6,300 worth of baby clothes, blankets, diapers and bottles. The center’s executive officer, Cindi Boston, says the thief broke through a door and crawled into a storage room in broad daylight. Pregnancy Care Center in Springfield, MO has made it their mission to provide health, wellness, and relationship education for young people who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. They have helped single parents in financial distress, children in poverty, and provided health care to those in need. Stop by Pregnancy Care Center on a Thursday afternoon and receive a tour and Center Orientation. There are so many ways that you can help the Pregnancy Care Center in Springfield, MO, why not join them in their fight to educate and provide medical services to those in crisis.

Over 231,617 young people have taken part in pregnancy and relationship programs and 12,863 clients received crisis intervention and medical services in the Ozarks! These programs and services offered through Pregnancy Care Center are having a positive effect in our area and surrounding cities.

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