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Pimples get infected when the dead cells get stuck on the skin and mix up with sebum and bacteria, specifically Propionebacterium acnes which is the most common cause of pimple formation.
As with men, they are also more predisposed to have an infected pimple owing to the fact that they may be teeming with the hormone called testosterone.
Some used to believe that by washing their face several times a day they would be able to steer clear from pimples. Now that you have cleansed and exfoliated, the next best thing for you to do is to kill whatever is causing you acne. It is somehow tricky for you to control oil production because even strong pimple treatments like isotretinoin and accutane can only temporarily control your acne. We all should know what can be the possible reasons which increases this pimple and we should try to avoid this to overcome from this acne.

Over eating of junk food may also result in growing of pimple.try to avoid this food and always go for home made food so that it can give your skin a proper amount of nutrients which is required .
Ice cubes-You can rub the ice on pimples which make it pain free and early healing of pimple. Despite the several speculated causes of pimples, there’s only one thing that is the sure cause of pimple and this can be due to excessive sebum production. However, there are certain instances that pimples get infected which can cause lots of discomfort.
This is a skin condition which arises when there is hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands which cause the pores to clog.
It is imperative that you treat pimples which have become cystic because this leads to scarring.

For us to find a good solution to this problem, it would be crucial for us to understand how pimples develop. Once the pores get clogged with sebum, there’s a huge tendency that bacteria would thrive thereby causing infection. Age, heredity and the kind of lifestyle that you have could be among the factors which cause pimple formation.

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