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The symptoms of the cancer are; sore throat, teeth loosening, painful chewing and swallowing, jaw and tongue pain, white and reddish patch in the oral area. Herbal Remedies For Oral Cancer Wild Asparagus The wild asparagus is known to kill the fungi and bacteria in the mouth. False Daisy The False Daisy is tested scientifically and is found to be beneficial for skin problems, hair problems and also oral. Top 5 Home Remedies For Oral Cancer Herbal Remedies For Oral Cancer Fenugreek Fenugreek is very helpful in oral cancers.
This popular lichen is well known in the world of herbal treatment as the ‘herbal antibiotic’.
Mainly used as an aromatic in cooking, this herb very popular in Arabic and Chinese medicine. While mouth cancer refers to a cancer that develops in the mouth including the lips, tongue, gums, roof or floor of the mouth, oral cancer refers to cancers occurring on the inner side of the mouth. It helps patients with oral cancer by attacking the germs that affect the oral part of our body.
It directly affects the growth of bacteria and harmful foreign organisms in the mouth, hair and skin.

It is known to be one of the best herbal remedies for oral cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, constipation, etc. There are anti-biotics available in the market to treat this however, herbal remedies for Scarlet fever is safer for children. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of sage make it one of the preferred herbal remedies for Scarlet fever.Sage, scientifically termed as Salvia officinalis, is very helpful in treating high fever.
The causes of oral cancer are; excessive use of tobacco, chain smoking, use of alcohol and other intoxicating and harmful drugs, not cleaning the teeth regularly, unhealthy eating habits.
It is generally bitter in taste and is mixed along with other taste refining agents to allow oral intake.
Consult with an Ayurvedic doctor to explain your exact condition so that you can have the herb in the exact amount which will help you to recover faster.
In order to cool the body, this herb is taken orally in various forms like a decoction drink, capsules or powder. It is a commonly used treatment for bacterial infections, especially affecting the respiratory and the urinary tracts.
It is administered in form of tincture and a couple of drops in water twice daily are the recommended doses for children.

Astragalus This popular Chinese herb is a safe alternative to preventive medicines with side effects for children. Scientists are performing extensive research on this amazing herb to come up with safe antibiotics for children suffering from Scarlet fever.
However, tobacco, smoking and alcohol have to be avoided while under treatment of this herbal remedy, and in fact any herbal remedy.
This herb is easily available in medical as well as departmental stores and is sold in form of tinctures or capsules. Wild Indigo This popular Chinese herb is a safe alternative to preventive medicines with side effects for children.
It has a lot of anti-cancer properties and works as an effective herbal remedy for oral or mouth cancer.
Wild Indigo This cooling, anti-microbial herb is an important ingredient in some of the commonly used herbal remedies for Scarlet fever.

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