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I will not repurchase this, however, because the Maybelline baby skin line has a similar formula for breakouts and I prefer that one.
Application Tips: Wear alone or over oil-free makeup to control shine, even skin tone and hide blemishes while treating them. It doesnt feel cackey on the skin it feels more natural and looks more natural since it has no shine to it. Because excessive drying of the skin may occur, start with one application daily, then gradually increase to two or three times daily if needed or as directed by a doctor. After that I have to change my skincare routine and steer clear of putting on foundation for almost a month just to avoid aggravating those bumps even more!

Never getting it again and never recommending to anyone unless your skin is tough like a rock. I break out and don't know if it's allergies or acne ): but this foundation "calms" my skin. However, I have had problems in the past with Neutrogena and Covergirl foundations being too pink on my cool toned fair skin.
The lightest shade matches my skin the closest of almost any foundation I've tried and I have tried a lot! I start off by using a facial oil and lotion underneath since the acid in this makes my skin flaky (*but combats pimples, so it balances out), apply the product, then finish with a good dose of NYX Matte Finishing Spray to make it hold.

Throughout the day my skin does get oily, but I blot the worst spots instead of powdering my face to death.
I love wearing this foundation because it gives me a natural yet smooth looking skin, PLUS it contains salicylic acid which helps your skin.

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