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By inhibiting 5-AR enzyme we can also inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT and thus reduce sebum production, skin cell growth and eventually also acne.
They asked the participants to apply the treatment cream to one side of the face and the placebo cream to the other side. As I was doing research for this post I also ran into a few other studies that showed reduction in sebum production. Exposed Skin Care is the only commercially available product I know of that can reduce sebum production. I used it for 2 months and had very good results with it, including noticeable reduction in oiliness of my skin. Other than that you can look for moisturizers or creams that include 5-AR inhibiting ingredients (this page contains a list). On the effects of a plant extract of Orthosiphon stamineus on sebum-related skin imperfections.

Recently I came across other studies, and in this post I want to talk about those and what do they mean for you.
The enzyme converts testosterone to DHT, which stimulates sebum production and skin cell growth more than other androgen hormones. This study was very similar with the above study, a split-face design with treatment cream applied to one side of the face and base cream on the other side. Cream with 2% concentration of extract reduces sebum production, oily skin appearance and improved evenness of skin complexion.
Applying fresh green tea or evening primrose oil on your skin might also help, but I have no data to say for sure. I know only of Exposed Skin Care line uses DHT-blocking ingredients in significant quantities. Many studies show higher androgen levels in acne patients than in healthy controls, and suppressing androgen receptors in the skin reduces both sebum production and acne.

If you have little bit of chemist in you (and have access to a lab) you can make them yourself, check the full-text studies for instructions. This increase sebum production, skin cell growth and keratin levels in the skin cells (which causes them to lump together), all of which conspire to make a mess of your skin. The price you pay is the same and you help to support this website, and for that I want to thank you.

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