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Rub a lime on your scalp if there is dandruff on your scalp, leave it for 10 minutes and shampoo the hair. Keep the hair wrapped in a towel for a while then let them dry in natural air as excess usage of hair dryer too damages the hair texture and makes them weak and then ultimately they fall. Wash your hair every time you apply some chemicals on your hair in form of styling gels, creams, sprays or lotions. For clean and clear soft skin grind two almonds , and then add lemon juice and honey in it , apply it on face for 10 to 15 minutes , then wash your face . Skin Care Tips , Tips for Under Eye Cricles , Pimples on Face Treatment , Home made Beauty Tips and Tokay in Urdu , Home Treatments for Skin.
Egg whites are normally rich in proteins and can be used as a mask to heal, cure and rebuild your skin.
You can also enjoy the benefits of lemon juice for pimple or acne treatment by applying fresh lemon juice with some mint on your face to get rid of your pimples. Dipping nails in warm mustard oil for 10 minutes and gradually rubbing the surface to make the blood circulation can make them healthy and strong provided the massage is done on regular basis.To make the soft nails harder, immerse nails in olive oil for 20 minutes on alternate days. TrimCut your nails once in a week with a nail clipper as the elongated area traps dirt inside that is harmful forhealth. Splash your face with water, then massage in a gentle facial wash and work it up to a lather for about 30 seconds. Rinse with clear water, then pat your face with soft towel to absorv residual water from the surface of your skin.

By following these home remedies for face whitening you can get back whiter skin and skin beauty. Today i am going to give you some best Skin Whitening beauty tips by top dermatologist from India. If you are serious about getting fair, soft and white skin, then you can make skin whitening creamsĀ at home with kitchen ingredients from our skin whitening tips.
As for oily hair, you should use a shampoo, which is meant for specifically for oily hair. Lip-gloss is infamous for wearing off fast, but if you fill in lips first with the liner, the gloss has something to stick to. Nature offers various benefits in the form of vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables and many other things. Apply the beaten egg whites to your face after cleansing, for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off for getting an acne free skin which has no whiteheads and blackheads. That is entirely wrong as they are among the indicators of healthy skin and iron reserves in the body. Take this opportunity to lightly massage your face, as this will boost the supply of blodd to the surface of your skin – which will result in a rosier complexion. Home Remedies for Skin Whitening and Glowing Face, Dark Spot removal tips, Dark Lips treatment face Pimples solution , how to get pink lips Naturally.
Internal forces generate attractive yields external benefits powered physicist bright glowing skin.

Natural hair replacement remedies have been in contentment for those of we who would cite to grasp regrowth of hair naturally, as well as reanimate your physique from the inside out.
But, it is really good to know that effectiveness of egg whites and lemon juice for pimples is great and significant. So many people are applying egg whites and lemon juice for pimples eradication and they work. There are several home remedies which include egg whites and lemon juice for acne treatment. Don’t soak your nails for longer periods in alkaline solution as it may cause irritation and chronic infection.
In fact, it is quite rare to find a normal skin, especially as all skins tend to become slightly drier as you get older. The egg white is useful in treating acne as it minimizes the large pores and lemon juice is known to be rich in citric acid which in turn exfoliates the skin by making it acne free. Here are given a few important advices for girls to have nails in perfect shape and condition:Keep your nails clean and washed all the time.

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