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Washing your face consistently is the cure to acne. Sometimes we believe that if we scrub hard enough or often enough, acne will go away, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Even though acne is, unfortunately, a very common skin condition, there are so many myths about it circulating around that it can be hard to know what to believe and that may prevent you from treating this condition properly. Washing your face several times a day won’t help you get rid of acne or keep the breakouts at bay.
Hello, I am an aesthetician and have been in practice for over twenty years and as a young lady I suffered with cystic acne. I wanted to point out that comedogenic ingredients aren’t necessarily a problem for acne-prone skin. In short, I wouldn’t worry too much about if your favorite product contains comedogenic ingredients. I’m not sure how much you know about comedogenicity testing but some tests are also done on humans. Some beauty and acne gurus just take the whole comedogenicity concept to ridiculous extremes. Now that you mention it, I think the article I’ve read was about the rabbit ear test.
Myth: Dairy Causes AcnePeople love to blame dairy for acne, but the truth is, there is not enough scientific evidence to make a legitimate connection. So, the most important thing is to stop caring about what others say about how you look and try to be confident, because at the end that’s what matters.

While it’s true that it worsens acne, dysfunctional cells – those that slough away readily or that produce too much sebum – are the root of acne.
In 2005 Greek researchers tested 10 different products containing known comedogenic ingredients in 6 people prone to back acne. I had read something about the unreliability of comedogenic tests because they were made on animals, and so the results could not be applied to humans, but I wasn’t aware of the Greek study.
They encourage people to play acne detectives and check all the ingredients in a product against a 3 feet long list of comedogenic ingredients.
Exfoliating can help your acne, but over-exfoliating can make it worse because it causes irritation.
It seems like we’re always on the hunt for the best acne obliterating miracle product or cover-up to hide those imperfections. Acne is caused by clogged pores, bacteria, hormonal fluctuations and overgrowth of sebum, and washing more won’t fix those causes.
Baxt says, “In many patients this is true, but there are acne patients where diet plays a role. Studies show that diets rich in dairy and high-glycaemic foods (white carbs such as flour, rice, and potatoes) correspond with acne occurrence. Unfortunately even products labelled non-comedogenic can sometimes contain problematic ingredients, so read the ingredient lists carefully to make sure you buy products that won’t aggravate your acne. They showed that the products didn’t cause anymore acne than known noncomedogenic ingredients.

Washing your face too often can actually make acne worse by irritating and dehydrating your skin. After hearing much buzz about skincare myths, we turned to board certified dermatologist Dr. I take very good care of my skin, but I’ve also accepted that acne-prone skin is part of my DNA. Some people go through their teen years without getting a single zit, and then suffer from adult acne.
Rebecca Baxt in New York City, who debunked a handful of acne-specific myths we totally believed. I as an aesthetician also know people who have acne or just high amounts of comodones are going to try to extract them so instead of telling someone to never pop a pimple I would much rather teach them how to do it the correct way. For some reason we hold celebrities to these standards that they can’t possibly have acne like us normals.
This is especially important for people who use prescription acne medications as they make skin more sensitive to UV rays.

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