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A skincare regimen designed specifically to reduce a tan and visibly lighten your skin, leaving it fresh and glowing.
The first one involves the application of a unique formulation of peel specific for melanin control, this ensures uniform regeneration of your skin and removal of superficial pigmentation. After around six to eight weeks you can see visible difference in the tone and clarity of your skin.

Melanin Control System (MCS) is a well researched treatment that helps deal with melasma, chloasma, actinic sun damage, hyperpigmentation, post laser pigmentation, ochre pigmented dermatitis and solar lentigines. After this, a specialized formulation with skin-lightening agents is applied on your skin which removes the existing tan and pigmentation resulting in visibly clearer and lighter skin. If you are interested to get more information or treatment process about cosmetic dermatology, laser hair removal, acne scar treatment or any other cosmetic procedure, please contact us today for free consultation.

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