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The PicoSure laser provides breakthrough technology to revitalize your skin and treat acne scars. Traditional skin revitalization treatments breakup the cells resulting in more pain, more redness and irritation, and a slower recovery. The acne scar removal laser can be targeted to any area of the body including the face and back. Treatments are very quick, about ten minutes each, so they can be easily scheduled around your routine, lunch break, or work schedule.
With the signature Avene Thermal Spring Water which can be found in all our Avene products,  this new mineral sunscreen combines non-nano mineral particles of protection with Vitamin E to boost your skin’s defense against damaging sun-induced free radicals.

People who suffered from acne in their teenage and young adult lives can also suffer from acne scars and spotted skin after their acne has healed.
PicoSure gently delivers short bursts of photomechanical light energy (lasers) to target problem areas without causing harm to the surrounding skin.
The PicoSure treatment is gentle, without the intense heat energy so skin is cleared and healed much quicker than traditional treatments. The PicoSure delivers permanent results quickly, with less pain and a shorter recovery time than typical treatments. Photomechanical light causes less cellular damage than traditional skin revitalization laser techniques.

O’Neill will be able to give you a personalized strategy for using the laser acne scar removal system to treat your skin.

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