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Acne scars are the outcome of a wound in our skin healing, resulting in too much collagen ending up in one spot. Color changes from acne can be more common than scarring and although it can resolve itself over time, it may take years to completely disappear.
Acne and hyperpigmentation are some of the most common skin conditions in patients with darker skin. Treating acne early, before scar formation and discoloration takes place is recommended for the best long term results.
For reasons that we don’t fully understand some people develop severe acne that leads to permanent and sometimes disfiguring scarring.

Since the wound occurs within the dermis from the inflammation brought on by acne, the scar is within the skin, rather than on it and this makes acne scarring difficult to remove.
That being said, no treatment is 100% effective and the best results will definitely be an improvement, but not perfection.
Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is very common in those with darker skin tones or in those who tan easily and can significantly worsen the appearance of acne. Treatment of scarring may require many different kinds of treatments, depending on the kind of scarring present. If you have moderate to bad acne, you should see a physician to discuss treatment options to avoid risk of scarring.

It is important to remember that if you decide to try any kind of treatment that all the acne on your face is clear before trying.

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