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Acne as a disease is very mild but it has tremendous psychosocial impact on the lives of the affected.
With the right treatment, it is possible to control the crop of the acne and also to reduce the scars and dots. Thus, excessive oil production, irregular shedding of dead skin cells and infection by bacteria causes different stages of acne. Rubbing of acne prone skin by frequent inadvertent use of cell phones, cordless phones, helmets etc.

Isotretinoin: This agent, when taken orally, can cure cystic and nodular acne to a great extent.
Rolling scars: These scars are flat, shallow and with edges that merge with the surrounding normal skin.
Here the skin of the scar is quite like the normal skin, but is tethered to the deeper tissue due to subcutaneous fibrosis.
These scars do not respond well to Dermabrasion or Laser Dermabrasion, because they are very deep.

Here the core of the scar is removed with the laser and the margins are sutured or approximated with tissue adhesives.

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