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In addition to honey and oatmeal, this homemade acne face mask contains yogurt which is also awesome for your skin. So, to reiterate, this homemade acne face mask is cheap, only contains 4 easy to find ingredients, and is full of ingredients that are fantastic for your skin. For even more homemade beauty recipes follow Freebie Finding Mom’s DIY Beauty Tips Pinterest board. Sonya swears by this clarifying face mask that not only prevents and gets rid of acne, but also tightens, brightens, and de-wrinkles skin. If so, you know that acne imparts a unique blend of embarrassment and frustration on the sufferer.
Both of these ingredients are superb at providing acne relief and possibly even preventing acne.

To learn more about how yogurt can give you flawless skin check out this homemade yogurt face mask article. Place all ingredients in a small chopper or food processor and blend until well combined and oatmeal is broken up.
Her sensitive, acne prone skin, was getting whipped left and right by the wind and she could feel her skin cracking and breaking out.
People tend to either pretend they aren’t starring at you and your acne or they offer oh-so helpful suggestions that tend to include you giving up your favorite foods or using expensive hard to find products.
Take oatmeal (oats) for instance, this ingredient contains anti-inflammatory properties which are great for soothing irritated skin and reducing redness.
She ran into a restaurant that had a salad bar, poured some olive oil into her hands and slathered it onto her face.

All you have to do to whip this homemade acne face mask up is blend the ingredients together.
But now, 20 years later, Sonya STILL uses oil to cleanse her face and she is now blemish free.

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