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A closed sac contain with an oily substance that lies beneath the skin is known as Epidermal cyst. An estimated 80 percent of Americans between the ages of 11 and 30 suffer from acne at some point, according to National Institutes of Health, NIH. The NIH reports that nodulocystic acne, also known as cystic acne, is the most severe form of acne.
While sweating and touching your chin won't cause cysts to appear, it can worsen your acne by spreading your skin's oils and preventing the pores from breathing. When cystic acne does not respond to other treatment regimens, the New Zeland Dermatological Society, NZDS explains that more aggressive therapies are needed.

In 2008, Rajeev Dhir from the Department of Dermatology at INHS Avini in India reported that treatment of cystic acne with oral isotretinoin produced gratifying results. Acne breakouts can appear on the skin in many forms, including as blackheads, pustules and cysts.
In first stage this cyst is painless and it grows slowly and forms lumps with movable skin under part. In second stage the epidermal cysts are tender and inflamed and having symptoms with tender or sore the skin, redness of the skin and skin affected area becomes warm. Washing your skin will remove surface oils that can prevent acne medications from penetrating the chin.

Nodulocystic acne, explains the American Academy of Dermatology, ADA, is a severe form of acne characterized by deep, large, pus-filled bumps that resemble cysts. Benzoyl peroxide will create an environment in your pores that is hostile to the bacteria that cause acne to develop.
Acne is a general name given to a skin disorder in which the sebaceous glands become inflamed.

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