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We stand and sit together in the silence of our prayers and observe the vastness before us. Not to be overlooked are my younger sisters; together they have taught me how to care for another.
So new were the views from this direction, I missed the path entrance that would take me on around the lake to the dam and back home.
So there I stood wanting both things; to protect my knee and to know where I had missed the path. Asking what I most want is a process that serves me well for big decisions; I often sit quietly before acting. As the show ends and the rigging begins to come down, a young woman from the audience approaches; she asks if she can look down over the curtain to the back-stage area. On my way home, I remembered that when my children were young, I told them that in order to use a word they needed to know how to spell it and what it meant. To add to my self-judgment, the young woman who had inspired my longing to try stone carving was unexpectedly occupying the table next to mine along with her friend, who was also an accomplished stone carver. In my Life they have been called friends, but that does not describe who they have been in my Life and how they have shaped my choices. When asked what that meant, I gave the explanation that I had heard so many years ago and had embraced as my own definition of how I would like to live.

A beautiful young girl becomes a princess carrying the American flag on the back of a giant elephant.
You may be thinking that all this remembering and romanticizing about a bed is just that; just thinking. My fear of failure was more present than the stone before me, and my mind chatter was pervasive. As an adult, she has stood by me with a loyalty supported by one of the most loving hearts I have known.
He and I are the collective experience of generations raised together separately, and within us both is the deep human need to know that we, all of us, matter. Her eyes sparkle and dance like stars filled with the enthusiasm and challenge of her youth.
A small young man becomes a high-flying aerialist when moments before he chatted via his cell phone with his girlfriend on the back-stage side of the curtain.
Role-playing is fun, exciting, entertaining, and requires support, practice and skill; however, being stuck in the illusion of a role makes intimacy impossible.
The concept of kairos time came back to me often over the years since all the clocks in my house are set to a different chronos time, and I rarely know exactly what time it actually is. Another slightly older man, who moments before was giving his mom and dad a tour back stage, is now the lead clown contributing his gift of making people laugh to the mix.

A young mother becomes the center of attention as she commands enormous animals all around her and she sparkles without fear. My mind leaped to judgments about how I should have been present when others were selecting their stones so I would not be stuck with this less than ideal stone. As she tested it out and smiled up at her Mom, my heart softened with tenderness and joy for the promise such young people represent. In him I see no self-pity only acceptance, and he shares how that acceptance has left him in such a peaceful place. We are human, we succeed and stumble, we need to feel we are seen for who we are right now, and we need to demonstrate to each other that we matter; and what seems to be my life lesson over and over again, your need is as great as my own. So I share my love of nature and photography and how I am practicing staying in each moment to find the richness here while grateful for all that has come before and, as much as possible, staying open to whatever the future brings.
The time flew by and without my knowing it three hours passed; the stone was beginning to form itself.
Sometimes a sharp call or a loud giggle floats upward and fades before crossing the barrier of the curtain.

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