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Schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to discuss your treatment options to minimize the appearance of pitted acne scars. Treat pitted scars that are shallow or do not reach down as far into the skin, with chemical peels. The American Academy of Dermatology--AAD--explains that chemicals, including trichloroacetic acid, are applied to your face to essentially burn off the top layer of skin where the scars appear.
Laser therapy can cause some discoloration, mainly redness, of the skin for up to three months after treatment. The type of material injected into your scars will determine how long the results will last; many people who have undergone filler treatments for scar revision or wrinkles need to repeat the treatment within months or years.
Overview Enlarged pores and acne scars can both be treated with several at-home skincare steps. These scars are indentations in the outer surfaces of your skin, and can give your skin a pebbly or uneven appearance.

Your doctor will examine you to determine that you're not in the midst of an active breakout before you begin treatment. A chemical peel is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn't require as much healing time as other scar revision treatments.
Also called scar revision, high concentrations of light are beamed at the pitted scars to resurface the skin and develop a smoother complexion. Laser treatments do not tend to cause infection or residual scarring when compared to more invasive methods.
The AAD explains that fillers are materials--collagen, fat and acids--that are injected into the area of the scar to raise it up to your epidermal level.
Your surgeon will remove each pitted scar with a tool that resembles a hole punch and replaces the damaged skin with healthy skin that is taken from behind your ears. Some acne scars may feature darker pigmentation than surrounding skin whereas others may be lighter.

Visual examination of your scars will help your doctor recommend an appropriate treatment for your condition. You'll still have scars from the grafts on your face, but they will be minor when compared to the deeper, crater-like acne scars.
Your dermatologist can perform invasive and sometimes painful cosmetic procedures that can smooth out your skin and eliminate pitted acne scars.

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