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When skin is cut, burned, scraped or otherwise injured enough that the wound reaches into the lower layers of the skin, a scar may form depending where it is located on the body, how deep it is, genetic tendencies and age of the person wounded.
The inferior quality of scars in comparison to normal skin makes areas of scarring more vulnerable to the damaging effects of UV rays. A more severe type of hypertrophic scarring, keloid scars do not stop growing and often develop into benign neoplasms, or abnormal tissue mass produced by accelerated cell production.

Most of us have scars we obtained from enduring the normal scrapes and falls of childhood, scars that are so small and insignificant no one else knows we even have them.
Unlike hypertrophic scars, keloid scars extend outside the periphery of the wound and are commonly the result of surgery, severe acne, traumatic wounds and occasionally body piercings.
Often used on severe acne scarring, it reduces scarring while also leaving the skin looking and feeling younger.

But when unsightly scars due to severe acne, major surgery, burns and pregnancy cover areas of the body that are clearly visible to others, they can make us feel self-conscious, unattractive and prevent us from wearing different types of clothing.

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