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Chest acne can sometimes be painful and also embarrassing if you are showing off your toned body muscles. Chest acne usually occurs in the hot and humid climate due to the accumulation of sweat on the skin. There are many homemade remedies as well as commercially available products which can help cure the problem of acne or prevent an acne formation in the first place. Consuming a lot of dairy products such as milk or cottage cheese can help prevent acne formation in the body.

Exercising regularly and eating a lot of egg white can help improve overall blood flow and hence prevent acne. One should never pick on the acne using hand or any other pointed objects as it might lead to further infections or possible scarring.
One should make it a habit of wearing clean clothes and also clothes which are not too tight for the skin to breathe properly.Light clothes with ample of space between the cloth and the skin should be preferred in times of chest acne skin disorder. When there is no intake of oxygen, it results in an acne and sometimes cyst also.Chest acne might also occur due to the activity of some bacteria which infects the body part, spreads throughout and results in acne and cyst formation.

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