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The first thing you need to understand about how to have perfect skin is that just like your body protests and eventually gives in to exhaustion without proper rest, your skin too begins to show telltale signs of exhaustion. As you can very well see, reaching that goal of perfect skin will take a lot of discipline, time, and effort on your part.
So, you need to rest enough, by which we mean sleep for the requisite 8 hours a night to help your skin relax.
Whatever the reason, be it lack of time, drunken stupor, or sheer laziness, leaving makeup on overnight is the WORST thing you can do to your skin.

You need to again cleanse your face thoroughly so that any kind of sediment: makeup or otherwise, does not remain embedded in your skin. When blood pumps well, your skin gets refreshed and it shows in the mild red blush that working out brings with it.
Just like a wall (excuse the analogy), your skin too needs that protective layer of primer before it bears the brunt of makeup, no matter how light. Plus, using foundation is the best way to conceal any bumps, spots, and imperfections in your skin before they get highlighted with makeup.

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