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Many fruits, vegetables and spices available in the kitchen serve as wonderful remedies for back acne.
It usually does not require professional medical assistance and can be cured naturally by the various home remedies.
Combined with yoghurt, it can be applied on the affected area and kept for half an hour or even more to relieve you of back acne.
Toothpaste helps in drying the acne’s infection as well as soothing the skin near the infected area.

Applying a bit of aloe vera sap freshly squeezed from aloe stems is a very reliable way of curing the acne growth in the body within a few days. The cleansing action of the cucumber combined with the anti-bacterial effect of the yoghurt work together to reduce inflammation and infection curing the acne-affected areas of the infection. Apply a bit of toothpaste on the affected area of your back to rapidly cure back acne outbreaks. The vitamin C helps to heal the wounded tissue allowing your body’s natural mechanisms to work better against the acne.

However, due to its relatively harmless nature, it can be cured with numerous antiseptic agents that are commonly available in almost every household.

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