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There are a host of natural ways through which you can get rid of the blemishes on your skin. Skin blemishes or zits are the skin discoloration that manifest after a breakout of pimple.
Environmental causes: Sudden and frequent climatic changes can be a risk factor for blemishes. Allergy: Blemishes can be a result of allergic reaction due to some cosmetic products or it can be due to exposure to dust. Other Causes: Other causes of blemishes are pimples and acne, stress, black heads, hyper pigmentation etc.
Coarsely Ground Green Gram: Apply a paste of coarsely ground green gram, on the blemished skin to cleanse it.
Tomato Juice: Apply a mixture of tomato juice and lemon juice on your face or skin blemishes at other areas daily with the help of a cotton ball.

Cotton Soaked Milk: To get rid of blemishes a piece of cotton soaked in raw milk can be used to wipe the face two times a day in the morning and at bed time.
Avoid Dehydration: Dehydration of the skin increases the risk of blemishes and hence should be prevented. Excess of water cleans the blood and helps in removing infections from the body which reflects eventually on your skin.
In some patients, due to hyperactive androgen hormone that may lead to increased sebum production thereby leading to blemishes. Presence of compounds like sulphur, potassium, phosphorus and chlorine in potato juice, helps to bleach the skin naturally and clear blemishes. African American skin is sensitive and requires a lot of care as blemishes can cause the skin to darken. Consuming fruits such as Oranges, grapefruits and lemons will certainly improve the texture of your skin and will reduce blemishes.

Other factors such as aging, stress, too much make up, UV rays, and pollution can also result in skin blemish.
Usually commercially made products damage your skin rather than helping it as not all products suit your skin type.
Skin disorders such as raised bumps, raw patches, and pigmentation and fine lines are also known as blemishes.

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