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View the situation positively – we are all getting time to prepare for the birth and the arrival of baby. It is very hard for doulas – all you can do is share information and support the woman. In conclusion I have to say I completely admire the way you work, and your attitude towards pregnancy, labour and birth, and, if I was to have another baby I would like you to come and look after me in England, if that would be OK!!
There are always scare stories available for every step you take outside the standard practices.
The chance is small and you would need to induce labour in 50 women to avoid 1 case of infection.
As we know, you can get a mother to do anything if she believes it is in the best interests of her baby.
I just thought I would let you know how much I love this blog, it helps me come up with clear and concise ways of advising women of their options.

You might assume that this change in approach was based on some new evidence about the dangers involved in waiting for labour.
So besides antibiotics, steroids and 4 hrly checks (blood pressure, temperature, asking how the lochia was, any bleeding) it was just wait and see.
You can find a single piece of research to back up pretty much anything which is why reviews such as those in the Cochrane database are a higher standard of evidence than a one-off trial. You put up a great fight despite being in a place (labour) where no one should have to fight. Being in hospital and having things put into your vagina after your membranes have ruptured = increased risk of ascending infection. Also remember that research is only carried out to answer particular questions – often those that can get funding eg. It just seems a bit of a risk and a waste to give antibiotics to all women in case they get something that is unlikely and very treatable if they do.

However, more worrying are the potential long term problems associated with antibiotic exposure – most likely due to the disruption of gut microbiota and the integrity of the immune system.
I wonder how different this birth would have been if Ashlee had chosen to follow hospital guidelines. The MLU invites women in who have had pre-labour ROM and we make sure the women are aware of the small risks you have mentioned, but we also have to book them in for IOL at their choice of hospital.

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