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A mysterious condition known as 'geographic tongue' causes patchy shapes that resemble a map to appear on the surface of the tongues.
The shapes are created when some of the hair-like structures on the upper layer of the tongue - called papillae - are removed or inflamed. However, it is popularly believed that countries having hot climate usually prefer spicy food. However, the Mexican cuisine is a fusion of indigenous Mesoamerican cooking with European cooking style.

However, the culinary style of Malaysian cuisine is a collaboration of the Malays, Indian, Chinese, Thais and Arabian cuisines. In another type the patches form in spiral patterns that can affect parts of the tongue that are still healing.
Geographic tongue happens when the 'filiform papillae' become inflamed (and then destroyed) in one part and then the disease spreads in waves like a wildfire passing through a forest. People who suffer from geographic tongue can use mouth rinses with anaesthetic, steroids or zinc supplements.

However, it is known that India used to export spices to European countries in the past years.

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