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When I was younger, people kept telling me that if I was having acne, I should keep my skin dry. Also, if you’re already eating lots of nuts or sources of Omega 6 and 9, you might want to get an Omega supplement that focuses on Omega 3 only.
The good news is that this is a problem I had to deal with several times in the past and I’ve tried both natural methods and otherwise. The moisture of the honey helps protect the pimple and at the same time, helps the skin heal without much scarring.

Yeah, popping the pimple sometimes works but when it doesn’t, it can cause deeper scars due to infection. Ironic as it may sound, the scar that you want should be those that are dark and pigmented yet only rest on the surface of the skin.
I realized a lot of people think that moisturizing is not an important part of getting rid of scars. I personally feel that facial oils tend to make my scars heal faster compared to moisturizers with lots of water in it.

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