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Hormonal acne CAN look typical, but you can differentiate them by the time they choose to appear at.
Hormonal Acne appears most commonly on the lower part of the face; For instance, they appear around the mouth, on the chin area, lower cheeks, and jawline. In some cases, your body could be producing more testosterone than estrogen, which also explains the hormone imbalance. When it comes to Hormonal Acne, I would wholeheartedly recommend seeing a doctor rather than purchasing over the counter products, really.

I'm sorry to say that hormonal acne seems like it'd never go away, and sometimes it can be the case because you'd never know just how long it feels like staying on your face. Otherwise, you can opt for Birth Control Pills (BCPs) which are supposed to regulate your hormones and thus lessen your acne. Moreover, over washing your face will only make your skin dehydrated, and your body will produce more oil to compensate.
To be honest I haven't tried many GOOD acne face washes because when I had acne when I was younger, none really worked.

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