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Acne is a disarray of pilosebaceous unit, which is a combination of sebaceous glands and hair.
Wash your face at least twice a day using mild soaps or non-cleanser mild soaps or soaps that are specially made for sensitive skin such as Dove soap that is unscented, and Neutrogena soaps. Tomato- cucumber salad with sufficient virgin olive oil and fish that is not preserved in the freezer is a great diet for acne affected people.
Cucumber juice applied on the acne affected areas for 20 minutes and then washing it off with lukewarm water is one of the best home remedy for acne.
Adding honey to a cup of hot buttermilk and allowing it for 15 minutes after application and then washing it with lukewarm water works wonders on acne. Another effective acne treatment is that mixing two garlic pods with identical quantity of vinegar and dabbing it on the acne every evening clears it in a couple of weeks. Another fabulous acne home remedies that acts like a cleanser as well as astringent for blemished skin is the mashed strawberries distilled in white vinegar.
Blending one teaspoon of ground nutmeg with one teaspoon honey and applying it to the acne areas will reduce the scars.
Home remedies for blackheads are gaining prominence as they do not take much of your valuable time and all the remedies being home remedies are usually done only in the time when you are absolutely free. Finally the total and truthful answer as to why some people have acne and why others don't. The major cause of acne is the over secretion of sebum from sebaceous glands and this problem is further aggravated by squeezing, pinching and scratching on the acne infected area. As soon as a woman notices signs of acne on the skin, she immediately goes to the doctor to seek effectual treatment. A mix of fresh lemon juice and water incredibly aids in providing relief to the skin, where the mix is applied on the face twice in a day and allowed to stay for a few hours before rinsing the face.
Rubbing honey on the face at night before sleeping and washing the face next day in morning is a natural home remedy for acne, which works in a fast and gentle manner without causing any kind of irritation on the skin.
Acne is a surface skin disorder that occurs when excess sebum is trapped inside the pores and blocked by dirt, or when hairs are trapped under the skin. Apart from revitalizing the skin, Vitamin D and C works great in the prevention of acne too.
Stay away from kelp (a sea weed used as a diet supplement) and iodized foods such as salt; these foods have found to be directly linked with adult acne.
SO why not explore and learn few tips which can be practised at home itself and get rid of acne. If you want to start an acne treatment , then going in for over the counter gels, soaps, lotions and medicated creams is a good option. These are available in the form of Stridex or Propa pH and they help in drying the acne scars and thus help the top most; layer of the acne to peel off on its own. Eating oily foods and chocolates is not the reason behind the outburst of acne, so next time eat what you want to eat without worrying about the acne.

Healthy diet and enough water content will keep your skin hydrated and thus the acne will not dare to grow on your skin.
If you feel that the accumulation of dust and dirt is the cause of acne eruptions then, shun this myth.
Oil based cosmetics are supposed to be heavy on your skin as they block the skin pores , so better go for mineral based cosmetics which are soothing and light for your acne prone skin.
Try to keep your hair off your face as the oil glands in your hair might provoke the acne eruptions. Honey has anti-inflammatory property that makes it an effective treatment for acne when used in combination with aspirin. Applying this pulp on your face and washing it off the next day with cool water will show astonishing results. You should take immediate steps to cure acne before it spreads quickly and leaves some scars on your face. However, before going to the doctor, it is recommended to keep in mind that acne medicines are highly expensive, and are required to be consumed for a long time period. A paste of cucumber pulp and milk, when applied on the skin helps in treating the problem of acne in a successful way. These natural home remedies for acne are exceptionally helpful in treating acne if followed on regular basis, where the skin would become clean and clear in a super fast way, without causing any kind of harmful side effect on the skin. Include foods that are rich in Vitamin E and C to get rid of acne present on skin as well as to prevent it from reoccurring. Also, limit intake of refined sugar and foods rich in trans-fatty acid such as hydrogenated vegetable oils, milk products, and fatty acids.These substances may cause toxins in the intestines leading to adult acne. Especially teenagers and women suffer from this problem at some or the other stage in their life and to fight the acne or the acne spots is very traumatic experience for them, because the acne treatments in most of the beauty salons are very costly and expensive too. The main cause of acne outburst is a hormonal change, which is why it is that maximum teenagers suffer from this problem. This also helps in drying of the blemishes and helps in the removal of the topmost layer of the acne, which peels off after drying.
Nutrients rich diet with green leafy vegetables and juicy fruits will help in prevention of acne. This debris attracts acne causing bacteria.The treatment should be done twice a day for a period of three months. However, egg white is a very effective remedy that is popularly used in the treatment of acne. This article will educate readers with some basic traditional herbal remedies that would definitely cure acne.
There are thousands of people suffering from the problem of acne these days, which occurs in several forms like blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, cysts and freckles on the skin. A few alternative home remedies for acne which are believed to work in a super fast manner to cure acne are described here.

Usually, acne should disappear by the age of 25, but there are treatments we can use to prevent or cure it. If your acne is critical, like cystic acne which can appear in the form of painful pustules, it would be best to consult a dermatologist for a more powerful treatment. There may be other causes too such as stress, poor skin hygiene, birth control pills, bad cosmetics etc.Though there are several over-the-counter medications and surgical treatments available, but the safest way to treat adult acne is through natural methods.
Do check that your cream or lotion contain at least 2% to 3% of the extract.Green tea extract helps to reduce the production of sebum by the skin which is also one of the causes of adult acne. Just wash your acne prone skin area twice in a day with mild soap or tea tree based face wash. Cystic acne or nodulocystic acne is commonly seen in young boys and occurs commonly on the face. However, one has to be very regular and consistent in the use of home treatments for curing acne. These ingredients are effective in treating inflammation, redness as well as the pain caused by the breakouts of cystic acne. Do not use any soap or face wash.This treatment should be done thrice a day for a period of seven weeks. When used in combination with lemon juice, turmeric is an excellent antidote for cystic acne.
For those who wish to avoid medical treatments, there are also natural remedies for acne you can try at home. Stick to the supplements even after the cure to keep the system in balance, and prevent further breakouts.
Practice this egg yolk remedy at least twice a day, and see how natural cure works wonders.
The healing properties of turmeric effectively bring down the inflammation as well as reduce the pain associated with nodular acne. This leads to plugging of sebum as well as bacteria, and the dead skin cells shed from the duct lining leading to acne. The advantage when opting for natural remedies for acne is that these treatments are inexpensive, easy to use and there are no negative side-effects to worry about. At the end of two months you will see considerable improvement in the acne as well as in your skin tone.

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