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Dana is also a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and is registered under the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners. Dana continues to upgrade her knowledge and skill in holistic health sciences so she can better help the community & her clients and is currently enrolled in the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA)Accelerated Certified Lactation Educator Program.
Master Of Science nursing (msn)A graduate degree with specialty certification as an adult or family nurse practitioner.
Athena School of Complementary Health has been established for 25 years, and our aim has always been to offer good quality training, at reasonable costs, in a friendly atmosphere. Janet MahoneyMSN program in Nursing Education or the Nurse Practitioner program at Fairleigh Dickinson the New Jersey State Nurses Association and the New Jersey League for Nursing.
Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who are prepared by advanced education to provide primary care including school nurse practitioner, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, and Neonatal nurse practitioner.

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Conclusion: This systematic review highlights the need for more higher-level research designs in addition to incorporating new methodologies (ie, whole systems research) reflective of the holistic and vitalistic clinical and theoretical framework of chiropractic. The use of Whole Systems Research provides promise in contributing to evidence-based practice and reflects the holistic and vitalistic chiropractic approach to patient care. Jon Adams, University of Queensland, School of Population Health ,University of Qld, Herston, Queensland, 4006, Australia. Yet studies have reported that traits such as altruism and empathy tend to decline throughout medical school training.

In an effort to foster medical student self-awareness and mindfulness, which may improve their EI, Georgetown University School of Medicine (GUSOM) offers an experiential course to undergraduate medical students in mind-body medicine skills. The maturation of massage as a healthcare profession increases the need for a process to formalize the synthesis of massage therapy knowledge from clinical experience and research—to collect what we know and to make such baseline knowledge widely available to practitioners, consumers, and other healthcare stakeholders. Topics addressed include guideline creation, credentialing of complementary and alternative medicine practitioners, definition of competence, and the increasing role of technology (that is, informatics) in managing training and task-necessary competencies.
Gurjeet Birdee, Osher Research Center Harvard Medical School, 401 Park Drive, Suite 22-A West, Boston, MA 02215.

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