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While we can always adopt one or more home remedies for heartburn during normal conditions, a pregnant woman has to be much more careful while dealing with her acid reflux problem. Herbal teas are good but explore well about the herbs you are taking as many of them may not be apt for consuming during pregnancy.
Nighttime heartburn is a nightmare of its own kind for a pregnant woman, in fact, for anyone! Always wear loose fitting clothes, not only when you sleep but during all your pregnancy period. After following all the above ways of life as mentioned in the previous section, if your heartburn still doesn’t go, you need to try some natural remedies. Ginger ale can also be had but watch out for the soda content in it as it may give you heartburn. However, do not exceed the amount of almonds as excessive almonds can in fact lead to heartburn. Aloe vera, as a normal remedy for heartburn is too good and it is safe for pregnant women too except when cautioned by doctor.
The enzyme papain in papaya is a protein-dissolving enzyme that eases a number of stomach ailments including heartburn that has its roots in the stomach acid. Have a cup of this papaya juice in between meals or before bed time to relieve night time heartburn. There are two opinions regarding why apple cider vinegar is one of the best home remedies for heartburn. However, because in pregnancy, it is recommended to take lesser amounts of fluid before or after meals, you may sip only a cup of this apple cider vinegar tonic along with your meal. Many pregnant women report lacto-fermented pickles as the best remedy for their heartburn issue. Yogurt is perhaps one of the best foods that you can have in pregnancy to get rid of heartburn due to indigestion.

Apart from taking the above measures, drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated because heartburn can actually be a sign of dehydration too.
If changing lifestyle habits and even the home remedies for heartburn don’t help you, you sure need to see your doctor and get the right antacid or other medicines to get rid of heartburn. However, there are certain ways through which she can get rid of heartburn easily and without any harm to herself and her unborn child.
Pregnancy leaves lesser space for your stomach to expand and thus you should be sensible about the size of our meals.
Have your last meal at least before three hours of your bedtime otherwise you may not get rid of heartburn.
Having the right food in right manner is as important as not having those foods that you know by now that trigger your heartburn. While eating at least three hours before bedtime is one way to avoid this nighttime heartburn, you can take some special measures to sleep in just the right position to further eliminate all the chances of acid reflux at night because you and your baby needs restful sleep! It is in fact a folk remedy used in many countries, though in different forms to get rid of heartburn. All these components have a soothing effect on your stomach and prevent digestive disorders including heartburn. When you drink this coconut water, it provides almost immediate and easy relief from heartburn and its is safe in pregnancy too.
Papaya is also a rich source of minerals and vitamins A, C and E which means that you not only relieve heartburn but also get much needed nutrition when you eat papaya in pregnancy. However, taking medicines on your own in pregnancy can be risky, so do consult your doctor before taking any medicine or even before taking any herbs to get rid of heartburn in pregnancy! The female hormone progesterone that increases in a pregnant woman’s body leads the muscles to relax in pregnancy. These include some safe home remedies for heartburn too but the best way is to bring some lifestyle changes for those few pregnancy months regarding your food habits, as well as sleeping and moving habits.

Citrus fruits or fruit juices as well as alcohol and coffee also lead to heartburn in some people.
Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, for example, use ginger a lot not only to treat heartburn for also to fight off nausea and vomiting that too are a concern for a pregnant woman along with heartburn. However, aloe juice has mild laxative effects too and its up to you to decide how much laxative ingredients can you tolerate, especially in pregnancy. It is said that vinegar helps buffer and maintain stomach acid at an optimum pH level so that your stomach can effectively digest food but may cause less problems with the esophagus thus preventing heartburn. Also drinking more of fluids, as mentioned earlier, all at once can put further pressure on your stomach and the lower esophageal sphincter, causing heartburn.
The burning sensation called heartburn extends from the lower throat to the bottom of the breastbone only when acid from your stomach is brought up into the oesophagus.
Keep a watch on your heartburn after eating any food and second time you get heartburn after having a food, banish it from your diet.
Along with the relaxed stomach valve, the growing size of uterus too puts pressure on the stomach of a pregnant woman which also forces the acid up into the esophagus. While such trigger foods differ for each person, there are certain foods that usually lead to heartburn.
For example, in pregnancy, you put more effort to keep heartburn in check which might lower down the required amount of acid production in your stomach.

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