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Two to three serves of green leafy vegetables daily will help keep up your Vitamin C - as will fresh fruit.
For those of you more at home with supplements than fruit and vegetables, an effective way to increase your intake of Vitamin C without stomach upsets and loose stools is to mix 2000-5000mg (Adult dose) Vitamin C powder into 1 litre of filtered water and sip it during the day. Is an organic fruit, vegetable and groceries home delivery service based in Sydney delivering to the Sydney suburban area, Central Coast, the Illawarra and the Blue Mountains to Orange. Generally we all head straight for oranges, however other juices such as pineapple and grapefruit are very useful.

Sunshine has been getting a raw deal over the last decade due to fear of melanomas and skin cancers (hey I've had few burnt off myself), however recent research has shown that Vitamin D can have a very positive affect on immunity and resistance.
Pineapple juice actually contains more Vitamin C than oranges and is considerably less acidic and breaks down mucous plugs faster, while grapefruit also helps to detoxify the liver. Two old standards, Chamomile and Peppermint are very useful for clearing and warming the sinuses.
Don't stop at chicken soup, be creative with soups and casseroles that utilise a range of legumes and root vegetables, and don't forget to keep up your intake of raw fruit and vegetables to help your body build and maintain the necessary white blood cells.

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