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Some people gain and lose a ton of weight and have hardly any issues while others are covered in stretch marks and are trying to fix that sagging skin. I would never judge and I’d be in line for a tummy-tuck if I worked my ass off to lose a bunch of weight and it was really bothering me.
The article never said it wasn’t possible, it was just for once stating the cold hard facts.
I was not unhappy with myself before, it was just frustrating because I know I worked so hard for something and could not see the results.

Yes, some ladies have 3+ kids with minimal issues, some have ONE baby and stomach is just stretched to bits..
I went down to 125 the day after having them and worked my butt off and got rid of almost all my lose skin and im sure it will go away because im 100% dedicated even majority of my stretch markswent away from over hydrating my skin wiyh lotions and scrubbing hard while taking warm baths.
My belly was hard and ripped but I still looked 4 months pregnant at 12% bodyfat (I also compete in amateur figure competitions and a poofy belly is frustrating).
Since my muscles have been repaired I don’t have as many digestive problems and my core will be stronger for it.

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