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Acne and rosacea are different in medical perspective but both are chronic disease and affects the skin of your face. The symptoms of acne rosacea will differ from one person to other, but there are some common symptoms listed below. It is good to use facial cosmetics to some extent for covering redness and flushing appearance.
Skin thickening occurs in many people for which cryosurgery and radiofrequency ablation is done. Certain foods are known to trigger acne formation; hence it is advised to avoid taking these foods. Though the onset of pimples and lesions on the face is during adolescence still many people will have continued skin disorder causing acne development even after middle age.

When dirt and debris get accumulated on the pores with oil it leads to pimples or bumps called acne.
For some there will be burning sensation and small blood vessels become visible on the skin. For some people acne is cured completely and for others it leaves a scar and flare ups are always there.
Laser therapy is suggested for getting satisfied results and you have to take several sessions. Fatty foods, chocolates, cheese, vinegar, spicy foods and foodstuffs high in histamines are to be reduced. The entire skin of the face may become dry and irritated with raised red patches resembling plaque formation.

Plenty of topical creams are available for managing acne and rosacea but it always recur on many people. Avoid going out in sun and apply sunscreen lotion that contains SPF range of 13 or high when you go out in sun.

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