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For the past three years Amazon has sold a particular type of Kindle format called Kindle Print Replica. Besides the fact that the other apps make a different flavor of Kindle ebooks, the output of the Kindle Textbook Creator cannot be read on a Kindle - just on the Kindle apps for Windows, OSX, Android, iOS, etc (or so says the FAQ). The “supplementary course material” required purchase jig has been going on for years, ofc, but for until now it was limited to spiral bound books purchased from the local Kinko’s. Now that is a market which could readily be switched over to the Kindle from whatever print shop is currently supporting it. In fact, I would suggest that this app is less about making textbooks for the Kindle than it is for making a Kindle version of all the other educational materials that a teacher might use in a class and pass out to her students. There may not be much money in digital textbooks but there is value in getting teachers and students to use the Kindle apps; this keeps them in reach of the Kindle Store where Amazon can sell them other ebooks. The release notes say that audio and video will be supported in the future, but there is currently no way to see which features work without actually publishing the book, since you cannot read the output file directly and KDP does not provide a book preview download link for these files like they usual do. I couldn’t find a way to download or extract the ebook files either (I saw your post).

They have been offering textbooks in Print Replica format for, what, a couple of years now, but now that is available in KDP, it will be very interesting to see what people do with this. So as with their comic book format, which basically bundles a stack of image files (that tool will convert PDF files to image files also) they are making it dead simple to publish something a little more sophisticated, potentially more versatile. And Kindle FXL is more than just a bundle of images, since you can add things like text and image popups with panel view, etc. I would say that Kindle FXL is as much of a textbook format as the Kindle Print Replica – more so.
Recent CommentsRhazya on Silk Web Browser Updated With New LookThe new icon for Silk is hideous. This is basically a PDF file wrapped in a Kindle ebook file, and it offers many of the benefits of PDFs (fixed layout, graphics, charts, discrete page numbers). If you really want to get a PDF on an E-ink Kindle, you can of course side load it and read the PDF directly. What's more, those course materials could fit nicely under the $9.99 cap for the 70% royalty.

So, but for the fact that Kindles do not support Print Replica, I can see this being used for things other than textbooks. I’ve had two thorough tutorials on my blog for several years on how to do exactly that, and published a complete guidebook well over a year ago, which has sold extremely well. It would be nice if Send To Kindle will support Print Replica as well, as that confers a few extra reading features that PDF does not offer (Notebooks, flashcards, highlighting, dictionary lookup—ironically, Kindles support highlighting and dictionary lookup and TTS (kindle touch and keyboard) for PDF, but Fire does not). The only available tool is InDesign, which is not the easiest tool to master for would be self publishers.

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