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DOWNLOAD ALL of the books on Forgotten Books for your Kindle, Nook, Kobo or other ebook reading device. You can also load e-books that are stored on your computer to your Nook, by connected the two devices via a USB cable. Since the Kobo Glo reads books in EPUB and PDF format, you won’t be able to directly download books that come are in incompatible formats. This entry was posted in General, Technology and tagged nook, how to, guide, kobo glo by free-ebooks. One year after the release of the original Nook, Barnes and Noble introduced the Nook Color, an ereader designed for reading newspapers, magazines, children's books, cookbooks, and other color content in addition to ebooks. The Nook Color also doubles as a portable multimedia device capable of browsing the web, playing video, music, games, and a lot more now that Barnes and Noble launched the Nook app store in April 2011. If you like to tinker with how things work, the Nook Color can run custom ROMs and can be hacked to install a number of Android apps, even the Android Market. The Nook Color definitely lives up to its name with its 7-inch VividView touchscreen from LG that can display more than 16 million colors.
The Nook uses a capacitive touchscreen so you barely have to touch the display for it to react. As for battery life, it is rated at about 8 hours for reading, which seems to be pretty accurate with the brightness turned down some. The home menu of the Nook Color is reached by pushing the "n" button below the display, the only hardware button save the volume and power keys. As you might guess with a full color touchscreen, Barnes and Noble is doing a lot of promoting for newspapers and magazine subscriptions with the Nook Color, as well as the newly-launched Nook Kid's portion of B&N's books.
Reading ebooks on the Nook Color is a lot different than reading on a monochrome E Ink ereader, there's no doubt about it. Hold down on a word and a pop-up appears for adding highlights, typing notes with the keyboard, accessing the dictionary, searching online, and sharing passages via email, Twitter, and Facebook. Other reading features include jumping between chapters and pages using the table of contents and slider bar, searching for words or phrases, and adding bookmarks. For newspaper reading, everything is laid out into sections, which can be navigated by using the TOC. Overall, I'd say that the Nook Color is the best LCD ereader yet for e-reading simply because of its high quality screen. Navigating through B&N's integrated ebook store on the Nook Color is one of its strong points.

The Nook Color supports EPUB and PDF ebooks in Adobe DRM so you aren't limited to just Barnes and Noble's ebook store.
The Nook also supports DRM-free EPUB and PDF ebooks downloaded from various free ebook websites. With the browser you can download free ebooks from various websites, check email, run searches, get news updates, etc.
If you are looking for something like the iPad that can be used for ereading as well as a multitude of other things, you are not going to get that with the Nook Color off the shelf. There will certainly be those that choose to run ROMs or hack the Nook to allow it to install all kinds of 3rd-party apps (myself included), but that comes at the risk of voiding the Nook's warranty, and even then it's not a true Android tablet because it lacks a video camera, microphone, etc. We offer several different version of each of our 1,000,000 ebooks, generated for different reading platforms.
Just as when someone upgrades to a smart phone for the first can be confusing, it’s natural for some users to experience a learning curve when trying out e-books without anyone to show them the ropes.
So here are some easy explanations of how to load e-books to two of the most popular devices – the Nook and the Kobo Glo. When you look at the storage drives on your computer (which you can view using the My Computer tool) the Nook will appear, and you just click on it and open the file called My Files. You tap the Bookstore icon the home screen of the device, click or tap on it, and then start browsing for books. Most public libraries, for instance, protect their books from copyright infringement by using a formatting tool called Digital Rights Management or DRM. The Nook Color has a lot to do with social networking too, incorporating a new feature from B&N called NOOKfriends, where you can share passages with friends and family through email and social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter.
In the library there are options for different bookshelf layouts, including custom shelves.
The backlight helps for reading at night, but hinders when trying to read outdoors in bright light, and so does the reflectivity of the screen. There's a pop-up for writing reviews and recommending books that also lists other books written by the author and similar books other customers bought.
You can get ebooks from a wide range of ebook stores and even get free ebooks from local libraries using a service called Overdrive.
There are other Android browsers that are a lot more capable, but since the Nook cannot install 3rd party apps without a hack they cannot be used.
Once the purchase is completed, as long as you have not changed the default settings on your Nook, your book will be immediately downloaded.

Then drag whatever e-books or documents that you want to load onto the Nook into that folder.
The way to work around that hurdle is to use a free software program from Adobe, (the same company that supplies DRM) called Adobe Digital Editions. That way you’ll enter through the older portal, and once you’re there you will have access to free downloadable books and you’ll also see “DRM-Free” listed below the book where its format is listed. Check out my reviews and tutorials for the Nook Color CM7 ROM and the Nook Color Android 3.0 Honeycomb ROM. The on-screen functions, being able to tap words to look up in the dictionary, adding highlights and notes, are all much more functional than the original Nook.
There are sections for magazines, newspapers, and your side-loaded content, which includes EPUB and PDF ebooks, Microsoft Office files, music, images, and videos. There's a browse icon that lists all the categories for quickly moving from different sections of the store. Overall, images and HD video look great on the Nook's high quality screen, there's no question, especially if you use Handbrake to set the videos up properly (learn how).
Afterwards right-click on the Nook icon, click on Eject, disconnect the USB cable, and your new books should be available inside the library on your Nook.
Look for “DRM-free” titles, shop just those, and you don’t have to worry about doing a DRM work-around. If you hack the Nook Color you can install other PDF programs such as the free Adobe Reader X app, a fairly decent program for viewing PDFs, no editing or annotation though.
You can download these Kindle formatted ebooks for any of our books from the book information page.
Transferring books and other documents from your computer is similarly easy, using the same kinds of steps you’d use to load the Nook device. Here's a video review and how to for setting up the Nook Color with the CM7 ROM (highly recommended) and another review for Android 3.0 Honeycomb on the Nook. Just click on the Kindle button and the download will begin.If your device supports it you can download the ebooks directly from your device, or alternatively you can download the ebooks onto your computer and then transfer the ebook PDF file onto your reading device via USB cable. Please see the FAQ section for further details on how to download the Kindle ebooks onto your Kindle, Nook, Kobo or other ebook reader.

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