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Many people are purchasing e-readers, tablets, and smartphones with the intention of amassing a large collection of ebooks. The main format of ebooks in the public domain are EPUB, which is the format of choice on 95% of all reading devices. Protect Gutenberg – Considered by most people to be the most definitive website for public domain ebooks. MobileRead – The Mobile Read forum community is a solid source to find public domain ebooks. Thanks a lot , now we can Free downloads ebooks from this site and the content is very useful. In this list you can download free ebooks that range from Romance to Horror, Sci-fi to Historical Fiction. Many of the free eBooks here are only free for a limited time, mostly as special promotions, so download them while they are still available.
Here you can find hundreds of eBooks for free: no fees, no upgrades required, no charges, period. In Docstoc, you’re able to search over 20 million professional documents in PDF, Word and Rich-Text format which are shared by a user-generated community.
Serving classics already in the public domain, eBook-cafe allows you to explore classic literature unabridged. Download any 20,000 free eBooks here without even giving your email address or registering. Martview features tons of free magazines to download from but you have to use the martview reader to view them. Free Book Group – A free ebook resource for books about business, entertainment, medicine, language, literature, science and more!
Novelo Live Hit The Link And Bring It On, Start Digging For The Internet Freeware Treasure.

Not everyone can afford to purchase books from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Kobo on a regular basis and so they turn to free books on the internet. Amazon uses its own proprietary format, but a number of Public Domain sources have them available in MOBI, which is the version you want if you have any model of the Kindle. Some of the books are only viewable in your web-browser and others can be downloaded to your PC. It has a different layout then most of the other stores on this list, because it runs forum software. All the books are free, in pdf format and are written especially for them, so you don`t have to worry about copyright infringement. You will be spoiled for choice from the more than 1 million free ebooks available in 8 subjects including biographies, mystery novels, romance and religion.
The library is loaded with many marketing, romance, medical, and other free ebooks in pdf format. Find and download your required document for free or upload your own documents to share with others. Download books in software engineering, developing for Android and iPhone, computer science, web design, and others in PDF format, or just read them online. Once you register, the site offers useful tools for search, discovery and personal library-building.
If you find a great source of ebooks and they are only available in EPUB, you can use a free program like Calibre to convert them from one format to another.
The audio content is delivered in MP3 format, which should work well with most players and readers.
The books are available in the MOBI and EPUB formats, and the site also supports “Read it Later” or has a print option! All of the books listed tend to have pages integrated at the beginning of everything you download, so you don’t forget where it came from.

People dig this website because you can request specific books not included in the main list and people will try and dig them up for you. Some of us prefer them in ebook version simply because they are so easy to locate, download and store for future reading and reference. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 20 additional places you can download free ebooks from.
They post these ebooks on the site so visitors are encouraged to check the site every day for resale opportunities. Your search results will be curated for you and you get direct links to download or buy your ebooks.
It has a blog style layout and it’s not too terribly intuitive, but if you know what you are searching for, it is a viable solution.
One great thing is it supports the mainstream formats as well as old Sony and Microsoft extensions. MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION PDF EBOOK DOWNLOAD for iOS comes with a small assortment of themes you can use to give your video a specific feel, including Modern, Bright, Travel, Playful, and News.
Thanks in advance Daniel Gebreegziabher Kiflu [ Reply ]Somebody told me that scribd can give you free-ebooks in the area of your focus. Please would somebody assist me vivek kumar [ Reply ]any body tell me the in which zone India comes for stability testing as per the ich guid line vivek kumar payam ghanbarian [ Reply ]hi i’m chemical engineer in iran i need information and data about technology books and the basic data engineering .
Please send me this book.Thank you, Ahmed khider jaime [ Reply ]I am afraid some web sites that offer free downloads, are not free, they ask your data, your bank account number, crdit cards, etc. Geckoandfly is more than a tech blog, our goal is to create simple tutorials for the average user, it is where we review products and more.

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