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This oil-free, maximum strength acne concealer fights blemishes and offers long-lasting coverage for a flawless finish--Salicylic Acid clears active breakouts and helps prevent new ones. Proven to be 86% effective in revealing clearer skin in 2 weeks based on a Murad sponsored study.
Our convenient Auto-Delivery program helps make sure you never run out of your Murad essential products. Murad Acne products are both effective and gentle because they are formulated with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and enriched with hydrators, anti- inflammatories and antioxidants according to Dr. Howard Murad, a dermatologist and associate professor of dermatology at the University of California – Los Angeles. Murad’s acne kit suggest effectiveness against mild to moderate acne rather than acute acne.
Murad reports a 90% success rate within 4 weeks of starting treatment with the Acne Complex.
Some people experience a flare-up in acne as toxins that have been stored for awhile finally leave their skin. If you aren’t searching for purely organic acne treatment, we recommend trying the Murad Acne Complex for mild to moderate breakouts. Murad Acne Complex® and the Murad brand of acne products have been helping individuals get clear, healthy skin for years under the guidance of renowned dermatologist and best-selling author Dr.

I LOVED and basically swore by this product for my acne prone skin and now i've been using regular products that i'm just getting by on.
Murad’s perfecting lotion is a combination of stearic acid, parabens and other not-so-edible ingredients plus age-old skincare remedies derived from roots, leaves and flowers. A few unhappy customers have had trouble recovering from that condition without using stronger acne products. If you used Clinique's powder acne concealor, which was taken off the market much to my disappointment, this is a great, if not better, substitute.
Murad holds 18 patents for his various skincare products and has been praised by Vogue, Elle and other beauty magazines.
Murad reports that 92% of users see a reduction in acne within three days of using this gel consistently. The 2% salicytic acid is what works best in treating acne--not .05% or 1%, which is what most B. I like to do spot treatment to cover the little red spots I get, acne and post marks when they occur.
Then look no further than The Marsh Medical Skin Clinic as we offer the Dr Murad skin treatments in conjunction with our wide range of medical laser and skin treatments.Relatively new to the UK direct from LA, these dermatalogical treatments will improve the quality of your skin. As a Dermatalogist, Pharmacist and Researcher, Dr Murad has devoted his life to making beautiful skin attainable for everyone.

96% of users saw clearer skin in just 72 hours.* This non-comedogenic treatment clears breakouts while managing acne related symptoms to help achieve healthy, blemish-free skin. Includes Cleanse, Skin Peel (Max or Regular Strength) and Moisturise. This skin facial treatment also lightens and brightens the skin. Includes Free Membership in the Murad Healthy Skin Club Order Acne Starter Kit today and receive FREE membership in the Murad Healthy Skin Club.
Using a combination of the best of science and nature, all of the Murad products for acne-prone skin work to treat acne from deep beneath the skin, using ingredients that clear pores without over-drying the skin or face. In addition to acne treatment products, the Murad line of skin care products includes back acne treatments .
And if you’re looking for acne scar treatments, try our treatments for post-acne marks, which are often mistaken for acne scars. Acne Myths, Facts and Treatment Resources Murad wants to be sure that you have all of the resources that you need in order to effectively treat acne and get clear skin.

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