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This carefully conceived book is the first to detail each crucial step in the site analysis and planning process, from site selection through design development. Filled with need-to-know information on the entire land planning and design process, Site Analysis is a vital addition to the library of students and professionals in landscape architecture, urban design and planning, and related areas. This book will fill a void in the academic market by offering a comprehensive introduction to all stages of the site analysis process.

In fact, the careful and complete analysis of a site and its surrounding context can lead to better development proposals, smoother design implementation, and, ultimately, higher quality built environments. It shows how these activities are integrated to arrive at a site plan that successfully balances the needs of the client and other stakeholders with the site's suitability for the intended land uses. The Second Edition of Site Analysis will detail each phase of the land planning and site design process, explain the influence of site and contextual conditions conditions on land use development and conservation decisions.

With more than 130 illustrations, this book includes many outstanding examples of maps and site plans created by leading land planning firms.

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