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Here is a Mayo Clinic article that contains more detailed information on tea tree oil side effects.
If you or your child accidentally swallow a substantial quantity of tea tree oil (or any other skincare product) call your local poison control number for advice. Many acne sufferrers are looking for the best acne treatment out there when they could actually use some simple products that mother nature has given to us. Clear Skin MAX, while it is a rather new product on the market, it is an acne kit helping you to tackle all problems related with acne, and one of its main ingredients is tea tree oil. One such amazing product is tea tree oil, found innitially in Australia, and now grown all over the world.

It is designed not only for teenagers who have got acne, but also for adult acne sufferers with its moisturizer.
Tea tree oil acne treatment works wonderfully for killing off bacteria from the skin surface and get rid of acne caused by bacteria.Tea tree oil is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal product used for people for treatig lots of simple fungus and bacterial infections such as nail fungus, acne, yeast infections, and so on. The less air exposure (fresher) the tea tree oil the less likely there will be an allergic reaction. Unless you use pure tea tree oil directly on your skin (you should rarely if ever use undiluted essential oils like this) there is unlikely to be an allergic reaction at the concentrations of tea tree oil found in most products.
The tea tree oil it is very caustic and it should never be used on oen cuts, on sensible membranes or tissues without been diluted.

Been an oil extract you have to mix it with other oils, preferably natural ones such as olive oil or avocado oil.
Only than you should apply it on the affected area.Using tea tree oil as a natural acne remedy is ot new but some people may want to use it for the whole face or nack or chest, depending where they have acne outbreaks and because tea tree oil should be applied only on the zits, this can become unconveninet as an acne treatment.
This is why you should actually try to use natural acne products that contain tea tree oil extracts as you can apply it on the whole skin surface area and make the most out of this amazing natural remedy.

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