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At the age of 37, my skin had become grey and dull and lacked that youthful glow that I had always taken for granted.
I got dressed, with a burning hot chest and a face that looked as if I'd been pulled out of a forest fire.
This week, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health warned that many treatments, including anti-ageing procedures, waxing and body piercing, are not carried out properly and called for more regulation to protect the public. Recalling the pain of my last treatment, I braced myself for the IPL as I lay down, with a pipe of freezing air in my hand, that I could direct to the treated areas. Dr Lowe suggested using micro-dermabrasion and beta peels, as well as the creams, to deal with the patchy colour of my chest.

She is ready to come at me with a little flash lamp, which will release pulsed light into my face, via a small hand-piece, that is placed against my skin. I asked the therapist to treat my neck, chest and hands, as well as my face, as these areas are often exposed to the sun the most. I went to a make-up shop and was dusted with a mineral powder, suggested by the spa, to camouflage the redness of my face. In addition, I was given Dr Lowe's Cell Renew Dermabrasion Peel as well as his Brightening Radiance Cream, which he said would help blend the colour changes.
It pointed out that I had signed a consent form, which had warned me against adverse reactions.

As a result, I had slight patches of brown pigmentation on my forehead, where I had forgotten to cover my face evenly with sun cream and my skin now looked tired and lifeless.
He confirmed that no area, including the face, had been done uniformly and that too high an energy setting had been used on my chest and I was burnt. I was prescribed hydrocortisone cream for the chest and neck wounds and was told to keep the whole area covered and out of the sun.

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