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They say your skin is a reflection of your internal health, so ditch the pills and creams and say goodbye to acne forever by focusing on what goes in your body. Fatty Acids: For a smoother, younger looking complexion, add fatty acids to your daily diet. Whole Grains and Seeds: Be sure to get enough fiber in your diet with the addition of whole grains and seeds to keep skin clean. Fruit: Maintain healthy, acne-free skin by getting your daily dose of phytonutrient and vitamin-filled fruits.

Processed Foods: Filled with unhealthy fats, processed foods also lead to inflammation and unwanted breakouts.
Fatty acids such as omega-3s are anti-inflammatory and also help skin retain water to help you achieve a gorgeous glow. Loaded with antioxidants, fruits attack free radicals that cause breakouts and skin damage.
Fill up on foods with vitamin B6 to help keep hormone levels in balance and avoid the pesky period bumps.

You can also bet that these foods are loaded with sodium, which can cause water retention and skin puffiness.

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