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You will need to consult a specialist prior to the treatment to ensure that you’re the right candidate for it. Is a laser that uses fractional laser technology to helps to prevent early signs of aging and the treatment has minimal downtime. Prior to the treatment, having my face cleansed and topical anaesthetic massaged onto my skin for 15- 20 minutes. Clear + Brilliant Laser may be complementary to most other cosmetic procedures like fillers, Thermage, or Botox. Stay tuned for my before & after treatment pictures and I will be blogging monthly updates for the next couple of months with my treatments. Erase Clinic is the first salon in Australia that brought in this fractional laser and is also the only salon in Victoria that has it. Four weeks ago, I was invited back to Erase clinic to trial out their latest laser treatment – the Clear + Brilliant Permea. Meaning, Clear + Brilliant focuses on collagen boosting and Clear + Brilliant Permea delivers in efficiently getting rid of pigmentations (eg: age spots, sun spots, acne scarring, etc).
It actually got to the point where even foundation and concealer is unable to conceal, how annoying! Very similar to the Clear + Brilliant treatment, my Clear + Brilliant Permea treatment started off with a quick cleanse to the skin and aesthetic gel is applied all over my face for a good 10 – 15 minutes for it to penetrate and to take effect. A quick cleanse and skincare applied later, I was ready to walk out the door and the redness has reduced dramatically. As compare with Clear + Brilliant, personally I felt that I had more downtime with Clear + Brilliant Permea.
Having said that, the down time was SO WORTH IT because one week later, my brand new – soft, radiant, baby smooth, fresh, clear, skin emerged!
Having said  that, I am confident with regular Clear + Brilliant Permea treatments (once every 2 months for me), I can rid of all the pigmentation on my skin and have a consistently healthy, glowy skin that helps to keep appearances look younger for years to come.
Always be sure to locate a licensed skincare professional to provide all types of laser treatments.
Hi, I did the same laser in one of a clinic but my pores seems worsen than before and everybody kept asking what happen to my face as it look worse than before the laser. I think it is best to go back to your clinic who have done your treatment to inquire about your concern as I am not be able to review and offer professional advice like they could.
Two  weeks ago, I had my virginal experience with fractional laser treatment at Erase Clinic, trialling their new Clear & Brilliant Laser. During treatment –  the black tube is actually a super cooling machine that blasts cool air to minimize discomfort during treatment.
Each treatment is AUD$350 and if you purchase 3 sessions, it will be AUD$1,000 and you’ll get  a set of full size Jan Marini skincare kit.
Join our email list to receive special offers, learn about new treatments, and read the latest from Dr. 1440nm: to prevent and treat early skin aging, and improve skin texture, firmness, elasticity and pore size. 1927nm: for pigment, radiance and improved permeability of your products (they will work better).
Procedure time: Treatments take about 30 minutes, numbing cream may be applied prior to treatment. Clear + Brilliant is a unique treatment that uses safe, fractional laser technology to correct the early signs of aging skin and help to prevent them. Clear + Brilliant is great for women and men of all ages and skin types who are looking to prevent the signs of aging, help correct early signs of aging or maintain the look of their skin.
No matter how old you are, sun exposure, environmental conditions, and lifestyle can contribute to lackluster skin. Clear + Brilliant procedures may be complementary to most other cosmetic procedures, including fillers and Botox.

We typically recommend 4-6 treatments, but will tailor treatment to your concerns and skin care desires. The Clear + Brilliant treatment is very safe when used by a trained expert who will evaluate your skin and recommend the best course of treatment. This safe, non-invasive laser treatment is clinically proven to make skin look and feel younger, while fighting future skins of aging.
Clear + Brilliant takes just 30 minutes per session, with 15 minutes or less of active treatment time.
Any time we start looking at cosmetic solutions, the trade off for dramatic results is generally cost and downtime.
Clear + Brilliant treatments are a step above a chemical peel, and a step below heavier resurfacing lasers like Fraxel.
First, the MA cleansed my skin and applied a topical numbing cream which sat on for about 30 minutes. The treatment itself was done by one of the estheticians in the office, and took about 30 minutes. After the treatment it felt like I had a sunburn and ice packs helped this sensation calm down pretty quickly. After about three days I noticed that the sandpaper texture was going away on my face, but took a little longer to go away on my neck and chest.
If you want to get Clear + Brilliant treatments yourself, you can go to their website and find a provider in your area. A few days after the treatment, your skin will start to feel softer, look brighter, with improved tone, texture and radiance. I highly recommend the treatments, I find that each time I get the treatment done the treatment leaves my skin less redness. Many of you might have read about my previous raving reviews of Clear and Brilliant laser treatment. What Clear + Brilliant Permea does is to go the extra step by enhancing skin permeability to absorb the benefits of topical skin care products immediately after treatment and to target the superficial layer of skin. This brown spot (I believe is a sun spot) came out of no way and grew over night couple of years ago and pretty much got darker by the years despite my diligent use of sunscreen. The sensation is like someone dragging their nails onto your skin rather forcefully and for some reason the forehead always feels more sensitive. It seriously doesn’t feel long at all and once it moved past the forehead area, all the other area are pretty bearable. Downtime being having red face for a longer period of time and heaps more dry skin to slough post treatment. The pores did went smaller permanently and of course after care is very important to ensure the result last longer. Erase encourages to have 3 session and decide from then on if you require more or just go in for maintenance every 6 months. Includes a topical antioxidant infusion with SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic immediately post procedure.
The laser energy creates millions of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of your skin, replacing damaged skin with healthy, younger looking tissue.
Few days after the treatment, your skin will start to feel softer, look brighter, and show more even tone. Whether you want to extend the younger look of your skin or reverse these early signs of aging, Clear + Brilliant can help. Clear + Brilliant is a great choice for rejuvenating your skin, helping to slow or prevent early signs of aging, and maintain the skin looking younger for longer.
Clear + Brilliant is a great way to protect the investment you have made in your skin, maintaining, extending, and improving upon the results you?ve already seen. Images courtesy of Solta Medical Aesthetic Center.After photo taken 1 month post 6 Clear and Brilliant treatment session.

Images courtesy of Flor Mayoral, MD and Solta Medical Aesthetic Center.After photo taken 6 months post Thermage treatment on the abdomen.
Use of this website constitutes acceptance of The Patient's Guide® terms of service, privacy policy and community guidelines. In a recent study, 92% of Clear + Brilliant patients found their post-treatment skin was noticeably brighter, fine lines and wrinkles were reduced and tone and texture significantly improved.
A lifetime of oily skin has left me with noticeable pores, marks from old breakouts and uneven pigmentation. Neither of which were a luxury I could afford, so Clear and Brilliant treatments really appealed to me. Instead of 1-3 treatments that leave you out of commission for a few days, it’s a series of six that let you go back to your normal activities pretty much right away. Consequently, Clear & Brilliant Laser was the perfect fit for instantly rejuvenating my skin and help prevent first sign of aging for me. Throughout the treatment, a pipe is angled towards the face and cool air is constantly blasted onto the area to help make the entire treatment more comfortable. I did however request for a longer boost of cool air all over my face (I think around 5 minutes) and cold water was applied onto my skin to bring down the temperature.
Post laser treatment I was unable to scrub my skin to encourage the dead skin cell to peel off so I had to wait painfully for the dead skin cells (which at one point has turned into dark brown patches)  to come off on its own. Certain areas were more uncomfortable than other areas particularly closer to the hairline and forehead. Results can last for months depending on your age, skin condition, and how you protects your skin. She completed her training and residency in Grand Rapids before studying in California with a prominent plastic surgeon. The material on this site is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by a qualified health care provider. One of the medical assistants gave me the rundown of the process, asked me if I had any questions, I signed some consent forms and had the doctor gave me the thumbs up and we got started. I was advised to use gentle products for the first 24 hours, so I used Dermalogica’s UltraCalming Cleanser, Calm After the Storm serum and Safety Blanket moisturizer by MyBody skincare. By the time two weeks rolled around and I was ready for my next treatment, everything was back to normal. I am happy to know your pores stayed small, this is my big reason for doing the procedure and also for some smooth texture to my face.
Potential side effects include prolonged redness, swelling, blistering, scarring, infection, pigmentary changes (hyperpigmentation), herpes reactivation and acne flare-up. Wearing face makeup every day is a hassle, and I was hoping to find something that let me wear less, or none at all. I experienced all the things I was hoping for- smaller pores, a more even skin tone, and fewer brown spots.
During treatment a tiny probe called a canula is inserted under the skin to heat and melt the fat while simultaneously releasing the tight surrounding tissue.
You can also use really plain and gentle items from the drugstore, like Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer. I am very happy with my results, and plan to get another treatment every few months to help maintain them. Keeping your skin protected is always important, but it is EXTRA critical after having peels, laser or any treatment done. Vagotis also lifts a second layer, the muscle layer or superficial musculo aponeurotic system (SMAS), and repositions it to better accommodate the tightening of the outer skin.

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