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Skin problems, such as acne, rashes, itching, bumps, warts or lesions of whatever kind, are the result of errors in your living, thinking, emotionality and spirituality.
Cystic acne condition is a chronic condition of acne that leaves very ugly dark spots on your face, if not cared properly. Because acne, boils, spots, ugly weeping sores, and other bad skin conditions are usually either caused by the Devil, or are a result of thinking sinful, wicked or Satanic thoughts. Christians have know for years there were links between acne and sinful or un-Godly thoughts or actions.

Bernarr, the wonderful Christian who runs the HEALSELF website, has been speaking out against acne for as long as I can remember.
And it's obvious from the article above - that anyone who gets acne is either a wicked and sinful and horrible person, and the ONLY way they can be 'cured' from this disgusting skin condition is through the love of Jesus Christ!
I recommend that if you are suffering with this cystic acne problem contact with a dermatologist for proper treatment. I would be willing to bet that if none of those Potter kids had even considered doing those Satanic movies, that none of them would have been blighted with acne to anywhere near that extent.

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