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Hidradenitis Suppurativa ExplainedIndividuals living with hidradenitis suppurativa experience a chronic skin condition characterized by abscesses, lesions, inflammation, blackheads and scarring.
5 Hygiene Tips for Staying Fresh All DayGood hygiene is useful for more than just washing away bacteria and other potentially dangerous things -- it also helps us smell fresh and feel confident.
For the past couple years my acne is finally slowing down, but now I am left with some pretty ugly scars on my chest.
You turn around to catch a glimpse of the cyst-like pimples that have taken up residence on your back, and any sort of pressure you put on them causes a lot of pain.

It's just acne, but the pain, discomfort and embarrassment of having less than perfect skin can certainly make you feel like an outcast.Acne is a skin condition that produces inflamed breakouts on your skin. The breakouts occur when your skin's sebaceous glands, which produce the sebum (oil) that keeps your skin and hair moisturized, become clogged by dead skin cells or an abundance of sebum. When clogging occurs, bacteria can develop, and these bacteria are at the root of acne's inflammation. These can be very painful, and they can also cause scarring.Acne typically affects teenagers when their bodies go through hormonal changes, which can stimulate the sebaceous glands and trigger overproduction of sebum.

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