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TweetAcne is a skin condition affecting the hair follicles, mainly of the face, but also of the chest, back, and in rare cases, the scalp. Acne forms when an overactive sebaceous gland produces excess oil, which may then get trapped within the blocked pores. Superficial inflammation results in pustule formation, while deeper inflammation causes pimples, and still deeper ones result in cyst formation. Infection of the hair follicle can cause scalp folliculitis, which is a more severe condition. Acne necrotica miliaris is a more severe but rarer form of scalp folliculitis which is seen as tiny superficial pustules.

Treatment sometimes becomes difficult due to hair on the scalp interfering with local application of an ointment or lotion. Benzoyl peroxide is often used for acne elsewhere in the body but is not suitable for scalp acne since it can bleach the hair. Touching it accidentally while combing or brushing may cause pain and only then be discovered.
As well as affecting the scalp it may also develop on the face and other parts of the body.
Overstimulation of the sebaceous glands attached to the hair follicles by androgens (male hormones) is one of the most common causes of acne.

As a result of this blockage, the hair follicle may enlarge to form a little bump and in time it may rupture, thus allowing bacteria to reach deep into the tissues and cause inflammation.

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