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Toothpaste: A lot of guys swear by dabbing toothpaste on their pimple at night and then washing it off in the morning.
Popping: You should avoid popping pimples unless you are absolutely out of any other options (for example, you already ordered They Hate Pimples, but you have a hot date before it will arrive). This entry was posted in Funny Pimple Commercials and tagged acne, best way to get rid of pimpls, get rid of pimples, male concealer, Pimple, pimples, zit camouflage. All of us at They Hate Pimples have tried that strategy and it seems to dry out the acne but it doesn’t really ever get rid of it. While it seems like the quickest way to get rid of pimples, it often results in an even bigger and more inflamed mess.

Items like these are raved about as natural remedies for getting rid of pimples in both the short and long run. The good news is we can honestly say that nothing gets rid of pimples as quickly as They Hate Pimples. If you can’t help yourself, make sure your hands are clean and you don’t force the pimple too much. It’s also best to avoid those late night Micky D’s visits as processed foods can make your pimples and acne situation even worse. Either way, you are at risk of creating acne scars, so it’s best if you can avoid the whole thing.

And the added bonus is that our formulation includes Tea Tree Oil, which is an ingredient known for fighting pimples.
For those guys searching for more longer-term solutions, we’ve done some research to help you get rid of pimples and acne.

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