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If you have an oily skin, you don’t need to know that acne is caused by excessive secretion of oil or sebum by skin.
While tea tree oil basically heals acne, it can even be useful in treating acne scars only if you mix it with certain other ingredients.
Acne, whatever type you get, blackheads, whiteheads or pimples, are embarrassing and sometimes painful too. Use them as per your convenience and get rid of acne naturally without using chemicals and also without drying out your skin excessively! It needed some time but after 2-3 weeks my acne almost disappeared, and now it's totally gone. I tried it out myself and it contains really good information about acne in general and how to treat it effectively. While you search for home remedies to get rid of acne, you always see tea tree oil as one of the best remedies for acne! Further, when dirt and dust particles get stuck to the sebum, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

When you use jojoba oil for acne, your skin assumes that the amount of sebum produced is already much greater and thus it stops the production of more sebum.
While the same bacteria that causes regular acne may cause cystic acne, it is too painful and the worst thing is that it can severely scar your skin as compared to other moderate acne.
It helps bring back the natural elasticity of your skin so that you get rid of scar faster. When you use aloe vera and tea tree oil for acne, you prevent your skin from getting too dry. It also has mild anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties that soothe your acne ridden skin. While you can include plain yogurt in your daily diet to get its innumerable health benefits, you can even mix it with tea tree oil to apply it topically to treat acne. Additionally you also make arrangements to get rid of acne scars that might develop due to deep acne wounds. Honey, you have already read, is a natural anti-bacterial and moisturizing agent that treats your acne perfectly.

No need to mention tea tree oil for its all anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties that are so apt for acne. When you mix such a wonderful oil with the excellent tea tree oil, it makes a great remedy for acne. It removes impurities, tightens the skin pores, tones the skin, exfoliates dead skin cells as well as reduces inflammation of skin due to acne. There’s one more bonus advantage of tea tree oil for acne prone skin- its antiseptic properties heal your skin faster and better.

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