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I’ve been getting asked a lot about the best remedies and products to use to fight acne and keep skin clear. Once combined with water, this nutrient-rich balm becomes a light milk that penetrates deeply and lifts away pore-blocking impurities to leave your skin feeling thoroughly clean and comfortable. In my 10+ year journey of avoiding toxic chemicals in my personal care products, this has been a huge concern for me. Natural acne products tend to be themed on tea tree oil, but we chose Rose as a theme for our recipe. It’s gentle, broad-spectrum therapeutic effects fuse perfectly with Organic Coriander, Goldenrod, Fennel, and Yarrow to cleanse and calm pores.

Cold-extracted Olive Leaf offers a fraction called Oleuropein known for its potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. I’ve tried hundreds of products along the way for my acne and was even using using 5-6 products a day at one point…entirely too much! Niacinamide maintains ceramide levels for ongoing hydration, synthesizes collagen, and has been noted as a healthy topical acne remedy as well. It is refreshing, and so much more than just a scent, as the essential oils are a key part of the medicinal aspects of their formula. I remember thinking to myself when I was in college how wonderful it would be if I could just leave the house without any makeup to hide my bad skin…it seemed like a hopeless dream.

All of these products work extremely well at fighting acne and are all my personal essential favorites thus far in my journey.
These are my basics which is why you don’t see any masks or a host of other products.
You’ll notice I have multiple options for cleansers, so it really just comes down to price and preference with them.

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