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Ovaries are a part of female reproductive system; their main function is to ovulate and release eggs for fertilisation by the male sperm. When multiple cysts form in the ovaries and they keep on forming; condition is called polycystic ovarian syndrome which might lead to infertility in women. Now-a-days as the demand for food has increased a number of chemical and hormonal injections are used to boost growth of chickens for poultry, also chemicals are used to supplement growth of vegetables. Some foods which are known to be rich in magnesium levels happen to reduce symptoms that are associated with ovarian cysts. Ayurveda and Chinese medicine has a number of natural herbs which works wonders with fertility problems and also ovarian cysts. Now the process of ovulation involves formation and maturation of eggs, and ultimately release of the fertile egg down in the fallopian tubes to make it available to for the sperm. Formation of ovarian cysts usually happens when the female is ovulating and generally these cysts break and dissolve by themselves.

These boosters and chemicals might lead to hormonal imbalances which indirectly cause ovarian cysts.
It also improves the overall blood profile, and all these factors help in reducing ovarian cyst formation. Some of the examples of natural foods rich in I3C are cabbage, cauliflower, sprouted pulses etc.
These ovaries also release certain female reproductive hormones called estrogen and progesterone which are called female sex hormones.
It is known that increased levels of estrogen and progesterone will lead to increased ovulation thereby higher risk of cyst formation in the ovaries. Also you must live free of stress and for this practicing yoga and meditation regularly helps a lot. A cyst is nothing but a sac or a bag filled with fluid and these kinds of cysts when formed in ovaries are called ovarian cysts.

It is also advised that if ovarian cysts are a problem, hormonal pills must be avoided as they might lead to hormonal imbalances. Also the appearance of symptoms means that the cyst has either ruptured or it might have twisted the ovary. When talking about treatment, it is needed if the cysts do not appear to go away by themselves and are creating issues.

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